12' x 8' Eco Mobile Unit

A variety of environmentally friendly features work to reduce emissions, maintenance, fuel consumption, generator hours and noise pollution.

These eco welfare units are fully compliant with HSE regulations.

Key Features
  • Low in maintenance
  • Low in emissions
  • Silent running
  • Low in fuel consumption
  • Low in noise pollution
  • Compliant with HSE regulations
  • PVC double glazed windows
Height Lowered:2400mm
Towing Height:2650mm


All In One Module 12 (ECO) - specification

26' Welfare Unit Incl. Generator

As well as a seating are for 12 this unit offers an extra separate office space.

From £17,500

20' Welfare Unit Incl. Generator

This 20' welfare unit has a separate toilet and seating area for up to 12.

From £15,900

26' - Eco Welfare Unit

This spacious unit is very economical and environmentally friendly to run.

From £21,985