Towerlight - Trime X-ECO

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This sustainable lighting tower offers fuel savings and a significant reduction in carbon dioxide omissions as well as a 400% increase in running time.

Key Features
  • Fuel savings of up to £336 per month
  • CO2 reduction of up to 888kg per month
  • Run time of over 200 hours
  • LED floodlights give instant bright light
  • Auto start/stop light sensor
  • AMOSS system to automatically lower mast if moved

Lighting Tower
Lighting Tower
Savings with 
X-Eco Lighting Tower
Fuel Usage1.93 L/hr0.53 L/hr1.40 L/hr
Fuel Costs Per Month£462£126£336/month
CO2 Omissions Per Month1.224kg336kg888kg/month
Run Time On Full Tank60 hrs200 hrs140 additional hours
Lamp TypeMetal halideLED
Light SensorOptionalStandard
AMOSS KitOptionalStandard


Specification Sheet - Trime X-Eco Towerlight