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Our Solar Pods (Patent Pending) power sites by cleverly combining solar PV, battery storage and a back up generator, complete with space saving retractable panels!

Would you normally hire a 50-60kVA generator?
Are reducing noise, emissions and fuel costs a priority to you?

If you answered yes to any of the above, our market-leading Solar Pod could be just what you're looking for...

The Solar Pod combines solar PV, battery storage, a back up generator and a 400 litre fuel tank in a safe and secure
self-contained unit. Perfect for medium sized sites, one Solar Pod can power as many as 5 cabins from a single Solar Pod. 

Once connected by our trained engineers, powering the site is autonomous. The site is powered by solar - battery - generator or a combination of these depending on the load demand. The solar element will either power the site directly, or will assist by charging the battery storage.

- Add a sustainable power source to your sites
- Provide power without a mains supply
- Harness the power of the sun
- Reduce carbon emissions
- Reduce fuel costs 
- Remove the need for a separate generator
- Easy to transport, easy to use

How it works

1. Daylight hours
Free energy is harvested from the sun into the battery bank.

2. Power is used and discharges the battery bank.

3. High demand spikes
If power is greater than the battery bank output the system automatically activates the generator.

4. At peak power
The generator, battery bank and solar provide power simultaneously.

5. If batteries are depleted and there is low light the generator will supply power to batteries and output sockets.


For larger site set ups, multiple Solar Pods can be used. Modularise the site into segments which will optimise the performance of the Solar Pod.  Add more solar capacity to your setup by plugging in extra third party solar panels directly into the Solar Pod. An optional mains power input is also available. This will by-pass the generator and ensure only solar/batteries/mains are used. 100% zero noise operation.

Case Studies

The Solar Pod has been in use since October 2018 across sites in England and Scotland. Here are 2 examples of how the Solar Pod performed in the usual imperfect weather of the UK.

Donna Nook UK

Date: 1st June 2019 (17 weeks)

Site Usage: 24 hours per day / 7 days per week

Site Setup: 1 x Solar Pod 30 powering 5 x static units

The Solar Pod was on site for 17 weeks and the standby generator only ran for 306 hours, an average of 18 hours per week. Reading the telemetry data we are able to show that frequently the site was powered silently and emission free either by direct solar or energy stored in the batteries.

Osea Island UK

Date: 29th July to 26th August 2019

Site Usage: 24 hours per day / 7 days per week

Site Setup: 9 x Solar Pod 30s powering 30 x Snoozepods

The Solar Pods provided power to 30 Snoozepods (60 bed modular hotel with full hotel room facilities) which would normally be connected to a 800kVA generator. The solar gain and battery usage was so high the generator only activated 7% of the time. This was a huge diesel, noise and CO2 emission saving.

Ordinarily the temporary accommodation on this site would be powered by a 50-60kVA diesel generator and would run for 168 hours a week. 
Ordinarily the temporary accommodation on this site would be powered by a 800kVA diesel generator and would run for 168 hours a week.

Carbon emission statistics are from Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2019.


  • Solar hybrid technology for sustainable free energy                                                
  • Automatic back up generator start/stop technology for economical fuel usage                                                
  • Automatic fuel cell timed shut off for unnecessary fuel usage                                                
  • Lower fuel consumption                                                
  • Low CO2 emissions                                                 
  • Super silent generator


  • Plug and play: 5 x 32 amp sockets, 1 x 125 amp socket & 1 x 16 amp socket                                                                       
  • Large fuel tank                                         
  • Dial in diagnostics from your phone or laptop                                                                                  


  • Forklift pockets                                 
  • Bottom lifting
  • Large extendable solar panels  


  • Solar hybrid technology for sustainable free energy
  • Automatic back up generator with start/stop technology for economic fuel usage
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Super silent generator


  • Heavy duty locking system per door
  • Robust exterior with high impact resistance

Length (closed):
Length (open):
Weight (fully fuelled):


What is a Solar Pod? 
The Solar Pod is a hybrid solution which harvests the sun’s free energy to provide a sustainable power source, designed to replace the need for a conventional diesel generator.

How big is the Solar Pod?
The Solar Pod is 3330mm x 2745mm x 2700mm.

Why do I need to replace my generator?
The Solar Pod will save fuel, carbon and NOx compared to a normal diesel generator and also reduce noise pollution.

What is inside the Solar Pod?
The Solar Pod has a 25kVA Standby Generator, 20kWh battery storage, 15kVA inverter, a 4kWp solar array and a 500 litre fuel tank therefore we rate the Solar Pod at 50-60kVA.

Is the operation of the Solar Pod automatic?
Yes, the Solar Pod will always run on the most efficient mode.

When is the Solar Pod silent?
The Solar Pod is silent when powering the site from the battery storage or directly from the solar.

Why would the generator run?
The generator will automatically start on two occasions – if the battery storage is low or if the inverter is overloaded ie. the total power is too high for solar/batteries.

Does the Solar Pod have remote telemetry? 
Yes, all Solar Pods come with remote telemetry.

What is remote telemetry? 
The remote telemetry allows trained Nixon Hire staff to interrogate the system from a distance. It allows us to give you usage report that show eg. how often the generator ran and how much power came from solar.

How many site accommodation units will a Solar Pod power?
A Solar Pod can power 5-6 accommodation units and a water pump.

Can you power a larger site with a Solar Pod? 
Yes, we would recommend that if you would normally need a 60kVA generator you should hire 2 Solar Pods and if you would normally need a 100kVA generator you should hire 3 Solar Pods.

Will hiring multiple Solar Pods still save money and save carbon?
Yes, when hiring 2 or 3 Solar Pods sites can expect to break even, with the added environmental benefits of saving substantial amounts of CO2 Eq, lowering emissions and noise pollution.

Are the Solar Pods plug and play? 
Yes, the Solar Pods are designed for you to plug your site accommodation units straight into the built in distribution.

Can I order site accommodation units at the same time as I order my Solar Pod?
Yes, Nixon Hire can meet all of your site hire requirements with a single call!

Does the Solar Pod require earthing?

Who is responsible for the earthing of the Solar Pod?
It is the customer’s responsibility.

Can Nixon Hire supply an electrician to earth the Solar Pod on site?
Yes, but this would incur an additional cost.

How many sockets does the Solar Pod have?
A Solar Pod has 5 x 32 amp sockets, 1 x 125 amp socket and 1 x 16 amp socket.

Can I use all of those sockets at the same time?
No - there is a changeover switch inside the unit. You select to use either the 32 amp sockets, the 125 amp socket OR the 16 amp socket as required.

Can I use my own site accommodation units or some from another company? 

Will the Solar Pod work at night?
Yes - the Solar Pod will work at night either powered by the batteries or the standby generator.

Will the Solar Pod work in winter or on a rainy day? 
Yes. The unit will operate as an off grid solution with the generator/battery hybrid system in bad weather. We have case studies to prove it!

What can the Solar Pod power?
The Solar Pod can power a normal working site with site accommodation units complete with computers, fridges, kettles, heaters etc. The unit has been designed to create minimal disruption to your sites.

Can you connect two Solar Pods together? 
Not at the moment. Please contact us for more info if you are looking to do this in the future.

Which way should the Solar Pod face?
If possible, set your site up so that the Solar Pod faces south.

If I can’t face south, will it still work?
Yes, however you might have a little less benefit from the solar side of the solution.

Does the Solar Pod have any internal timers?
Yes, there are some simple timers inside the Solar Pod which will ensure even greater savings eg. by setting your working week with or without weekends.

Can you connect extra solar panels to the Solar Pod?
Yes, it is possible. Please contact us for more information.

Why would I use a Solar Pod?
Because a normal 45kVA generator creates over a tonne of carbon eq per week whereas the Solar Pod uses renewable power to both power your site and charge the batteries.

What is the lead time to hire a Solar Pod?
With a fleet of almost 70 Solar Pods, we normally have units available so would usually be able to offer a turnaround time of a week.

How can I hire a Solar Pod? 
Simply give us a call on 0333 005 0005 and we’ll do the rest! We are the preferred Solar Pod supplier for many hire companies.

Will the Solar Pod power silos? 
Yes but they need to be single phase.

Can you power other things with the Solar Pod?
Yes, applications include telecom masts, cameras, gantry systems, wheel washes, silt removers, single phase pumps and sales buildings.

Do you have a minimum hire period?
Yes - the minimum hire period for a Solar Pod is 4 weeks.

How much carbon does the Solar Pod save against a standard 45kVA generator? 
An average of 1 tonne of carbon per week.


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