Solar Street Light - 5m Extendable

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Our 5m extendable Solar Street Lights are fully automatic. They provide bright light through powerful battery powered LED bulbs whilst producing ZERO local emissions.

Using top mounted solar panels, these innovative solar lights collect and store solar energy in their batteries during the day to be used at night when the light is needed. The highly efficient top mounted solar panels harvest as much solar energy as possible from all daylight hours, with a charging time of 6-7 hours and a run time of over 12 hours. 

With fully automatic operation, when the light gets below a certain level the LED solar light activates whenever movement is detected 10 metres from the light, with the 20W LED bulbs providing a lighting area of up to 15m wide and 10m deep. For additional energy saving, the intelligent light detection system means that when no movement is detected at that distance for 10 seconds the light dims to 20%.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, this 5 metre extendable model has a telescopic mast, stabilised with a custom made concrete block. Their slim design means that they can be easily moved and positioned using a forklift or sack barrow.

Providing an efficient off-grid lighting system suitable for a variety of sites and situations, these solar street lights offer a silent, clean, zero local carbon emission site lighting solution with minimal maintenance. They are ideal for construction sites and site compounds as well as temporary car parks, roadways and paths or even outdoor events. 

Key Features
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Top mounted solar panels
  • ZERO local CO2 emissions
  • Powerful LED lights
  • Intelligent light detection system
Floodlights20W LED bulbs
Lighting area15m wide x 10m deep
PIR sensor range10m
Charging time6-7 hours
Run time on full chargeOver 12 hours